Introducing the “Torana – Celebrating the Holden Torana – Collectors Box Set,” a tribute to one of Australia’s most iconic automobiles. This box set is more than just a collection of DVDs; it’s a comprehensive homage to the legendary Holden Torana, a car that has etched its mark in the annals of Australian motoring history.

This collector’s box set is the ultimate compendium for Torana enthusiasts. It meticulously covers all the performance-oriented road-going Torana models, including the original six-cylinder Torana XU-1, the V8-powered SL/R 5000 and its L34 upgraded version, and the final high-performance Torana model, the legendary A9X. Each model has been designed with racing in mind, embodying the spirit and thrill of the race track.

The box set also features many of the Bathurst Torana highlights, encapsulating some of the most exhilarating moments in Australian motorsport history. Experience Peter Brock’s first Bathurst win with the XU-1 in 1972, and relive the victories of ’78 and ’79 through full television telecasts, allowing you to immerse yourself in these unforgettable moments.

Contained within this set are six DVDs, each focusing on different aspects of the Torana legacy. The titles include “Torana XU-1,” “Torana A9X,” “Torana SLR/5000,” “SMMOM Brock and the XU-1,” “SMMOM Bathurst 1978,” and “SMMOM Bathurst 1979.” The DVDs, produced by Chevron Marketing with a code BHE8318 and a running time of 21 hours, are presented in PAL format, ensuring high-quality viewing.

In summary, the “Torana – Celebrating the Holden Torana – Collectors Box Set” is a must-have treasure trove for any Torana aficionado or Australian motoring history enthusiast. This box set not only celebrates the Holden Torana’s illustrious legacy but also offers a unique journey through some of the most significant moments in Australia’s motorsport history.