Holden Torana 1967-1980 Paperback by Ewan Kennedy

Introducing the “Holden Torana 1967-1980 Paperback,” an extensive exploration of one of Australia’s most iconic cars, authored by Ewan Kennedy and published on 1 January 2002. This comprehensive guide delves into the history and evolution of the Holden Torana, a vehicle that has left an indelible mark on Australia’s automotive landscape.

The Torana is more than just a car; it’s a symbol of Holden’s legendary status in Australia. Known as ‘the company that is an icon,’ Holden’s importance in Australia extends beyond being a mere car maker. The name ‘Torana’ embodies this legacy, derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘to fly.’

This book takes readers on a journey through the Torana’s development, from its early days as a small car with English influences to its evolution into a quintessentially Australian vehicle. It eventually transformed into a machine as large as the original Holdens, boasting an impressive range of engines – four, six, or eight cylinders.

While the six-cylinder models were the most common, it was the V8s, particularly the famed L34 and A9X semi-race variants, that truly captivated car enthusiasts. Today, these models are among the most popular, and arguably the most adored, of all Australian street machines.

Ewan Kennedy’s “Holden Torana 1967-1980 Paperback” is not just a detailed account of the Torana’s history; it also offers fascinating insights into the considerations and decisions that shaped the car. For instance, it reveals how ‘Berina’ and ‘Barina’ were potential names for the model, with early styling mock-ups even sporting these badges. The latter name would eventually be used for another small Holden.

Published by BW79599, this insightful 200-page book measures 210x290mm and comes in a soft-bound cover. It features black-and-white illustrations that complement the rich narrative, providing a visual journey through the Torana’s evolution.

The “Holden Torana 1967-1980 Paperback” is more than a book; it’s a tribute to an iconic Australian car. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a Holden aficionado, or simply interested in automotive history, this book is a must-have addition to your collection.