Presenting “More than Holden Our Own Limited Edition: 75 Year Anniversary Edition Hardcover”, which was released on 2nd August 2023. Authored by William James Holden, this book is a unique tribute to the legendary Holden brand that has been an integral part of Australia’s automotive history for three-quarters of a century.

This limited edition book is a true collector’s item, with only 500 copies printed. Each copy includes an authentic, individually numbered plate signed by the author, adding to its rarity and value.

“More than Holden Our Own” goes beyond the conventional narrative to delve deeper into the fascinating details, unknown facts, and myth-busting revelations about the Holden car, the Holden Family, and their extraordinary ventures. It’s not just a book; it’s a comprehensive exposé of an enduring legend.

The narrative traces the journey of the Holden family from their humble beginnings as leather goods merchants in England to their courageous decision to relocate to Australia. It chronicles their struggles and triumphs through wars, economic depressions, government constraints, competitive rivalry, and foreign ownership. The book captures how the Holdens adapted to the unique and demanding conditions of Australia – extreme climates, rough roads, evolving technology, and a diverse culture.

Despite all odds, the Holden family, their cars, and their business conglomerate achieved unparalleled success, popularity, and international admiration. The book offers an unprecedented insight into this phenomenal journey.

“More than Holden Our Own” also ventures into forbidden territories, unveiling more about this iconic brand. It’s not just for motoring enthusiasts, Holden aficionados, and historians – this book is a must-read for every proud Australian.

About the Author:

William James Holden, born in East Melbourne, has a deep-rooted connection with the Holden legacy. His association with General Motors-Holden’s Ltd. began during his university years when he worked on plant and equipment maintenance. He later served as an engineer in the company’s Central Laboratory, making him the last member of the illustrious Holden Family actively involved in the automobile industry. He proudly carries the Holden name and continues to drive a Holden car. Today, he enjoys life with his wife Rosario, their two daughters, and a grandson.

More than Holden Our Own Limited Edition: 75 Year Anniversary Edition Hardcover is not just a book; it’s a journey through time, offering an intimate look into the legendary Holden legacy. A perfect addition to any bookshelf and a treasure for every Holden enthusiast.