GTR XU-1 Torana

This 1972 LJ Torana XU-1 GTR is a striking shade of green known as ‘Lime Green Metallic’, with contrasting, and apparently rare, Chamois interior.
This XU-1 retains its original 3.3lt inline-six with Zenith-Stromberg triple carburettors, a powerplant that was good for 149kW, which was mighty impressive in 1972.
The engine is mated to the factory close-ration M20 four-speed manual transmission and this example has the original Sprintmaster wheels.
This is the car that for Peter Brock, that helped to establish a long and often colourful career and contributed to the Holden Torana’s racing history.

Below is a sales brochure for the LC GTR XU1. LC GTR XU1 Brochure

LC GTR XU1 Brochure 1

Footage of Pater Brock in his GTR XU1

1971 Year Of The Torana
1971 Year Of The ToranaTorana


GTR XU-1 Classifieds ad

GTR XU-1 Classifieds ad