Holden Out For A Cure: A Celebration of Australia’s Iconic Holden Cars

Australia’s relationship with the Holden car is one that spans decades, a bond forged in steel and rubber, fueled by a shared history and a mutual respect for craftsmanship. The Holden car, an emblem of Australian culture, has been celebrated annually at the Holden Out For A Cure All Holden Day event, presented by the FX-FJ Holden Club of Queensland Inc.

This annual extravaganza held on the 26th of November 2023, served as both a tribute to the iconic Holden cars and a fundraising event supporting The Cancer Council Queensland – Redland Branch. It was a day filled with nostalgia, community spirit, and a shared love for these classic vehicles.

The event welcomed all Holden cars produced between 1948 and 2017. On display were models ranging from the first Holden car launched by Prime Minister Ben Chifley in Port Melbourne on November 26, 1948 – a moment immortalized by his declaration “she’s a beauty” – to the last car built in Australia, a red Holden Commodore V8, on October 20, 2017.

These iconic vehicles, which were once sold for £733 ($1466), represented a significant part of Australia’s automotive history. The event was a testament to the impact Holden has had on Australia, from its origins as a saddle maker established in 1856 to becoming a national symbol of pride and innovation.

Held at the Redland Showgrounds on Long Street, Cleveland, the event saw a remarkable turnout of Holden enthusiasts.

Best Modified LH To UC Torana

Among the participants was Rob Brook, who was honored as the runner-up for the best modified LH to UC Torana, a category celebrating the skillful customization of these classic models.

The Holden Out For A Cure All Holden Day offered more than just a showcase of classic cars. It was a gathering that celebrated Australian heritage, community spirit, and the fight against cancer. It served as a reminder of Holden’s legacy in Australia, from its impact on the automotive industry to the personal memories each car carries. We here at Torana Club had a great day.

For those interested in future events or wanting to learn more about this iconic brand’s history, follow their Facebook page here or contact them at [email protected] or 0456 085 323.