1978 UC Torana $6,500

This car UC Torana has a Red 202 motor with a 3spd auto gearbox. The paint is in fair condition, some faded spots and surface rust. The car hasn’t been registered since late 2013 and is just collecting dust as I have no time to spend working on this vehicle. When it was running it was my daily commuter and ran very well with no hiccups.
It has only ever had 98 octane fuel ran through since I’ve owned it with the lead additive. The car was serviced every 5000kms.
The brakes had an overhaul on the 27/10/2011, replacing brake hose, the master cylinder, 2 wheel cylinders were replaced, and an overhaul on the front brake callipers, replacing one piston.
The car is currently running on Monroe GT Gas premium shocks, which were fitted on the 14/02/2012 along with lowered King Springs.
The motor had a decent overhaul at 100,000kms replacing all the lifters, main bearings and conrod bearings, gaskets, fuel pump, cam shaft were all replaced.
While the bottom end of the motor was apart, it was completely cleaned out removing all the oil and sludge buildup.
A complete sports exhaust with powerflow muffler was fitted on the 24/02/2012
The heating in this car works very well, with the heater core being replaced on the 8/3/2013
More recently, and only less than 1000kms before I unregistered it, the stromberg carb was completely rebuilt.
The interior is in great condition, and all the original pieces that I took off the car (like the radio and steering wheel) will come with it. There’s also an air conditioner that I’ve had with the motor but took it off, I don’t know if it works.
There’s heaps of other bits and pieces as well but I can’t remember exactly.
– New Master Cylinder – 27/10/2011
– 2 x New wheel cylinder – 27/10/2011
– New Spitfire Performance Wheels – 8/11/2011
– New Radiator – 17/11/2011
– Monroe shocks (front and rear) – 14/2/2012
– King Springs (front and rear) – 14/2/2012
– Sports Exhaust – 24/2/2012
– Brake Booster Recon. – 8/5/2012
– All gaskets replaced – 9/8/2012
– Main bearings replaced – 9/8/2012
– Conrod bearings replaced – 9/8/2012
– Hydraulic Lifters replaced – 9/8/2012
– Heater Core replaced – 8/3/2013
– Stromberg Carby Rebuild – 18/7/2013